Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Facts about my life at INSEAD in Singapore

Some facts about my life at INSEAD in Singapore:

Academic structure:






Party and relaxation


That should do it for now. If anyone wants to know some other / more specific stuff, just drop me a comment. I like comments :)

How;s the M:F ratio in Singapore? If you can't generalise, then your batch?

What would you say are your favourite subjects, and what would you say about the diversity of teh people in Singapore vs. Fonty?

Love the blog, keep up the good work.

It sucks. At last good to see you back. You blog very infrequently. :-). Bring enough winter clothing in Jan when hell freezes over :-).

I am a fan of your blog... I would like to know whether is there any major in the MBA program or the electives determine the major.

Also, I aspire to settle down in Spore, what are the chances of getting a job in Spore....mail me please :) at ashiff@rediffmail.com

keep up the good work.
There is no real major at INSEAD; you can choice your own courses and can make it as diversile as you want. You can take, for example, mainly finance electives or strategy ones, but most people take something from all academic areas.

About a job in Singapore: I don't know. I don't think it will be very difficult.
Thanks for the reply....Just to share, I visited the INSEAD campus for the special information event on 25th Nov in spore and it was useful. Know what.... I got all the information I needed in your blog already....thanks for the good work...

Just chatted with Vikas and few of his colleagues of Dec 05 Class.....and found that job in spore is not so difficult as you have said....

Pitching in for the Dec 07 class...
Thank you for the valuable information. How are classes structured suring the week? Doyou have classes Mon - Fri? If a class is scheduled on Mon is it usually repeated once/twice on specific days??? Thanks for the information
Who are the most friendly girls on campus? I'm considering applying to Insead but was told girls are especially bitchy. (i'm a girl)
Other campuses, like LBS are said to be better for girls.
What do you think?
I have to say this blog is one of the best INSEAD blogs I have read so far. Keep up the good work!
Same here.. I love your blog, very useful info. I'd love to see Fonty info as well if/when you get to do the rest of your mba there. I would do anything to do to INSEAD right now, I am ready! Ok well not yet, GMAT here I come! Hope to meet you in person one day.
Hi Guys!I desperately need an advise here..

Was accepted both to INSEAD and Wharton (dual degree program)..which came out to be a diffucult choice to make. Both are told to be great schools.
From the other- financial:-) hand,since INSEAD has a 10 month intensive program it cost almost 2.2 times less that Wharton.
What do you think? which school to go to? Did anybody faced this situation before and what was the choice done? what were the implications?
oh, forgot .. my contact is mia_adriana@hotmail.com
Hello! I would like to ask some advice on the INSEAD experience. I am a new admit, will start soon. Thanks!!
What is the dress code at INSEAD (for classes)?
Would you be up for a chat about your experience at insead? Would love to learn more, as it's looking to be the next step.
Thanks -
Please can you let me know your email address as I have some queries regarding finances required for the MBA program.

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