Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Some more facts

Some quick answers to the questions in the comment to my last post.

Q: How;s the M:F ratio in Singapore? If you can't generalise, then your batch? What would you say about the diversity of the people in Singapore vs. Fonty?

The people in Singapore and Fonty are the same. There are two campusses, but since almost everyone travels between them it is essentialy only one group of students. The diversity among them is huge. The students in our current intake of 450 come from 71 nationalities. Futhermore, there is no dominant nationality in the program. From the top of my head: I think the largest group are the Indians with about 13% of total, followed by the French with about 10%. This diversity in people is the same in Fonty as in Singapore (by the way, it is also not true that there are relatively more people from Asian countries in Singapore than in Fonty).
As for the M:F ratio, the student body normally consists for about 20-25% of female students. This is somewhat lower than most of the US schools (they have about 30%). The probable explanation for this is the diversity of the students with respect to nationality; pursueing an MBA is not equally normal for women as for men in some countries. As a result INSEAD receives less applications from women than it wants. The US schools generally have about 80-90% American students (some students are called international, but they might only be born outside the US) and since it is more normal for women from the US to apply, they have a higher percentage of women.

Q: What would you say are your favourite subjects?

Favourite subject depends greatly on the professor that teaches them. Some of the professor are absolutely awesome and are able to even make accounting a very dynamic topic, and some of them are less awesome. In that respect, my favourite subjects so far:
P1: Prices & Markets, Financial Accounting
P2: Corporate Financial Policy, Managerial Accounting (and maybe also Marketing)

Hello, I just found your blog today. Still waiting for your comments as to why the Singapore campus is awesome; a comparison of the 2 campuses?

Have thought of doing an MBA myself.
Me thinking that the Singapore campus is great is based on all the stuff I've written so far. As for the comparison, I will certainly write about that but I'll wait till I've been at the Fonty campus as well. Just makes more sense.
The campus in Fonty is not as nice that in Singapore (while still not bad, and has the advantage of a vast and peaceful beautiful oak forest right next to it, you literally walk into it from the back of teh school), in fact the two places are completely different in everythign except the students and profs, which are more or less identical. Fonty for forest, small posh French town, cheap and copious beer/wine/champagne, huge and decadent house parties, cars, rugby tours and sexual frustration. Singapore for cheap food, sunshine and swimming pools, expensive drink, bright lights big city, hordes and hordes and HORDES of cute single friendly anglophone women, and BBQs. Oh, and Singapore for people who never shut up about how much better it is than Fonty, even though they have never set foot on the Fonty campus (not referring to the author of this blog as he is going to Fonty :) ). I think you shoudl do both campuses, as much for teh hundreds more friends you will make and the party scene, as well as the sheer diversity of the experience. And wild boars in the wood near the school, and deer on the road. Great fun walkign through the forest as darkness falls and next thing you hear this grunting and snuffling in the trees nearby. As there are so few women to hook up with in INSEAD you can be sure the noise is likely coming from animals. Singapore is very same same after a while (as in Fonty) so changing between the two rocks.
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