Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Welcome to INSEAD 'Le Optimiste'!

One of the long-time readers of this blog is going to INSEAD as well. A very good choice I must say. Welcome 'Le Optimiste'!!!

Check out his blog at:

i want to go to INSEAD as well but arent the fees really steep? :(
crazylady, according to your profile on this website you are 20 years old. Too early to do an MBA. your choices include: a) work for a few years abroad, perhaps in London / NY, earn money and do an MBA with a bank loan b) work for a major consulting firm / bank / Singaporean Civil Service and get them to sponsor you after a coupel of years having done very well for them or c) jsut wait until you are a lot older with more money. MBA is no good straight out of college, really believe me it is a waste of your time, you newed to have seena bit of the cut and thrust of the working world before going back to doing an MBA. I know thyey go straight to MBA in the Us quite often, but I think that is a waste
Nice to see that my blog is turning into a message board :)
Anyway, Anonymous is right. The average age at INSEAD is 29 years old. If you haven't proven yourself during some years of work, they just won't accept you.
Thanks INSEAD06 for your welcome! I look forward to meet you in person at INSEAD!
dude...u gotta blog more often.
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