Monday, November 28, 2005

Winter Ball in hot Singapore

Semi-annually, each campus organizes a major party (ball). Despite the lack of winter in Singapore, this ball was named 'The Winter Ball' as it is the season for cold weather on the other side of the globe (like Fonty). About 300-350 people (students, alumni, faculty and staff) put themselves in their best suit or tuxedo (dress for women of course) and headed for the most luxurious hotel in Singapore: The Fullerton. And I can tell you something: it was one hell of a party!

Free champagne (or other drink) all evening sure has it's effect. When we were all ready for dinner, there were some people around that might have had enough to drink already. Some short speeches during dinner (Accounting prof:"Good stuff", P&M prof:"I'll take care of the jackets tonight", Dean:"So where's that winter anyway?", P5 student:"I feel all emotional now"), some crazy slideshows and it was time to hit the dance floor. In no-time the floor was packed by a huge mob of party-people. Ties came of, shirts were unbuttoned and we were ready to roll. Nobody really seems to remember when and how the party ended, so it must have been good :)

Thanks a lot to all of you who made this great and memorable (at least parts of it) event possible! I can't wait till the Summer Ball in Fonty in half a year.

INSEAD06: I'll be joining INSEAD! Yaaahoooo....

Thanks for helping me make the decision! And as always, great to read your posts.
Hey there, can you remove the No Regrets link from your sidebar? The blog's gone anyway...
Short note on the P&M professor.

Pushan told you this because 2 years ago (in the very same Fullerton), he got so drunk that he took the jackets of 8 people home with him in the end of the Winter Ball night.

Since nobody knew who had done it, you can imagine the mess that followed: CCTV tape browsing, police investigation, etc.

The mess was only solved in the following afternoon good old Pushan woke up with a pile of jackets by his side on his bed.

Hope you had as much fun as we did.


An MBA July 05
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