Monday, December 12, 2005

So simple even an MBA can do it

Still studying, so nothing really interesting happens all day. In order to post at least something, here's a link to a funny video about MBA's a fellow classmate sent me.

Another classmate also thinks studying all day is no fun, so this afternoon he sent out this email to all students:

Topic: ... to everyone in the library right now...

What about a communitarian break? …

…let’s awfully “break the rules” and let some music play in here for 5 minutes…

… in this sacred place of studying and meditation

… I can’t stand this silence any more ;-p

What do you think?
Who dares?




Bleh, my life is so boring at the moment, that they only way to post something about what's happening is to copy stuff from other people...

Is he a Harvard MBA?

now watch this MBA
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